gudo’s car

November 18, 2007

… is a chevrolet captiva.  rudney almost passed out when he learned that our sponsor aka my father already made a downpayment.  we only plan to get an avanza.  by 11/7 it was delivered na sa makati.  i saw it the next day.  mixed emotions ako.  excited at the same time worried to drive this baby.  di ako marunong mag-drive ng brand new 😛 and besides i think its too big for me.  though i tried driving big cars like land cruiser and montero, takot pa rin ako.

i was on leave last 11/14 kse walang mag-alaga kay johann.  so we *~papang, me, johann, my sister and my uncle~* drove along NLEX.  we had lunch at lutong bahay then we went straight to sm pampanga for coffee.  while they were having coffee johann and i went shopping. 😛 .  after coffee/shopping we went back to makati.  since papa will fetch mama at the airport that night we left him and gudo’s car in makati while we went straight home.

nga pala, payment scheme eh 30 years.  fully depreciated na di pa namin bayad.  hehehe! joke! 😛

*~btw, gudo is what my father call johann.~*


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