the little gym

November 15, 2007

finally found the playschool for johann.  though its very far from where we live pero ayos lang.  we live in qc while the school is in ortigas at el pueblo.  even if there’s only 6 classes left for this quarter i still enrolled him to the super beasties class.  just like his trial class at gymboree its also free, pero unlike in gymboree na ang daming kids, dito konti lang.  his trial class was scheduled last oct 20.  teacher lj explained the theme for that class and also told us first timers na its okay for the kids to roam just make sure that we keep an eye on them and also they encourage the parents/companion of the kid to still join the group activity even if the kid won’t participate kse eventually if the kids like the activity mag-join din sila. kumbaga walang pilitan.  so nung warm-up ako lang ang nasa group si johann busy.  when we were asked to run in circles call ko yung attention ni johann when he saw what we’re doing nag-join naman.  then sa forward roll, kung yung ibang kids kailangan ng assistance from parent si johann hindi na.  he can do it on his own.  twice pa nya gagawin pero after nun alis na ulit sya.  mama was with us that time pala.  she told me na pwede ko na daw enroll since may times nag-participate naman sya.  pero yung goal ko for him to mingle with other kids eh di na-achieve.  wala syang paki sa ibang kids basta sya play lang sya.  so undecided pa ako that time.  after the class i talked to the one in charge at the reception area and inquired about the tuition and the remaining classes.  i can still enroll pa rin daw pro rated na lang plus the annual membership fee.  so around 7k+ if ever na enroll ko sya.  the next day i talked to rudney about it.  kwento ko sa kanya kung ano nangyari sa trial class and told him na gusto na sya enroll dun.  kse naisip ko lagi na lang nasa bahay si johann, puro kami ang kasama.  i want him naman around with the kids his own age.  so that sunday enroll ko na sya.

every week he’s improving.  nung unang saturday nya na enrolled na sya mas nag-participate na sya compared nung trial class.  may mga ibang activity na ayaw nya talaga i-try eh pero oks lang.  big improvement eh nung last saturday.  mas nag-participate na sya sa warm-up exercises and sa group activities.  kahit hindi ko tinawag yung attention nya kusa na syang bumalik sa group.  even teacher lj noticed the improvement.  and kahit sa house may times kusa nyang gagawin yung mga activities and sometimes he will sing the songs from the playshool.  one happy mommy talaga ako ngayon, nasulit na yung binayad ko.

so now every saturday when we’re about to leave the house i would ask him “where are we going” *~with dora’s tune yan ha~* he will shout “to the little gym”.


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