circumcision and enlarged kidneys

October 31, 2007

yup. circumcised na si johann.

may phimosis kse sya.  he complains kse when he urinates kya we brought him sa pedia nya ng friday (9/14).  baka daw UTI so pa urinalysis and urine culture daw namin.  when she saw johann’s genitals baka may phimosis daw kse tight yung foreskin.  we were asked to observe when johann urinates.  if the foreskin balloons then its indeed phimosis.  the cure for this would be to circumcise johann.  pag di kse ginawa yung procedure ang tendency eh di bumalik yung wiwi nya which would cause a much bigger problem.  by saturday (9/15) since the lab test results says he is positive for UTI we immediately started him on antibiotic then scheduled for KUB ultrasound on tuesday (9/18) ~*SOP for children below 5 with UTI*~.   we got the result the next day (9/19) and brought it to his pedia.  we found out that his kidney is slightly enlarged.  since nandito pa si rudney we decided to schedule johann for circumcision the next day.

(9/20) the procedure was done in ambulatory OR of medical city.  outpatient lang.  his schedule was 8am but the procedure started around 9am na.  the procedure was finished around 10:30 na including the recovery room.  si rudney na lang pinasama ko sa loob to assist the doctors para patulugin si johann.  sabi ni rudney johann was crying one minute then fell asleep the next nung nabigyan ng pampatulog.  rudney was asked to go out after johann fell asleep and was asked to return na when johann was brought to the recovery room.  then the doctors instructed me and mamang on how to clean and put cream on johann wounds and also asked us to give him paracetamol every 4 hours for 24 hrs for the pain.  when johann woke up rudney carried him sa waiting area.  iyak daw ng iyak and hinahanap ako.  so i took him from rudney and di na umalis sa akin hanggang sa makauwi kami ng bahay.

i didn’t go to work the next day kse every hour gising si johann tapos umiiyak kaya di ako masyado nakatulog tsaka clingy sya.  ayaw na mawawala ako sa paningin nya.  so we stayed lang sa room the whole day while rudney fetched nanay, lolay and his siblings para mag-visit muna kay tatay then sa bahay sila mag-lunch then balik sa house nila for the “pa-siyam” ni tatay.  kso they weren’t able to go to tatay kse late na.  they went straight sa house para mag-lunch then balik sa project 8 para sa padasal.

we spent so much just for the circumcision.  pero oks lang at least na-resolve na yung problem. 

for his kidneys naman, its slightly enlarged lang naman daw.  though his pedia told us not to worry pero refer nya kami sa nephrologist to have it checked.  when the nephro saw the results of his ultrasound she also told us not to worry since di naman masyado malaki.  she recommended an ultrasound again after 6 months to check the growth of his kidneys and have a serum creatinine test.  the result was aligned naman with the size of his kidney kaya oks lang daw.  so by april a serum creatinine test and KUB ultrasound again.  haay…


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