December 6, 2006

– knows papa jesus, mama mary and sto nino 

– can identify and recite the alphabet

– can recite the abakada

– can identify some of the numbers

– can count 1-20 (when in the mood)

– can identify almost all the animals from his brainy baby flash card

– can imitate monkey, dog, cat, cow, bird, pig and snake sounds

– can match the shapes in his shape sorter toy 

– uses anything for a microphone when he sings

– can dance boom tarat tarat (from wowowee)

– loves all his vcd especially hi-5, elmo/sesame street, nursery songs (tagalog and english) and currently talking letters factory from leapfrog

– knows these songs- otso otso, wowowee, totoy bibbo, spaghetti, don romantico, binibining sexy, hawak kamay, dubidubidu and bakit ngayon ka lang

– loves to eat rice with sabaw

– eats okra (yuck!)

– doesn’t like ice cream and cold water

– knows pres gloria arroyo, kris aquino and boy abunda 

– knows more people in our neighborhood than i do (some of our neighbors refer to me as “mommy ni johann”)

– answers “ikaw” when asked to identify the kid in the picture (it was his picture ha)

– knows “gudo” as his other name (my father calls him this)

– knows how to melt my father’s heart when he wants to get something or go somewhere just by saying “papang”

– still uses a dropper to take his vitamins (he hates the spoon)

– knows my office building and says “hi opis” everytime we pass by

– says “ipats” when he wants to turn on/off the lights

– doesn’t know how to use straw (learning pa lang)

– loves to throw all his toys

– loves to do the sit down, sit down (you’re rocking the boat)

– loves to do the apir, alayn, aprub

– loves to swim but hates the waves

– says “alaay” and points to the burnt mark on his left arm (this was caused by the rice cooker cover whe he tried to get it. he didn’t cry but he shouted “aray” then went back to the rice cooker to push it, gantihan ba)

– wakes me around 5-6 am to ask for milk (if he’s very hungry)

– loves to empty his toy basket and put the basket on his head

– makes me wave my hand and say hi to all the saints in our room (even when i’m sleeping)

– loves to do the chicken dance

– loves to jump on the bed and fall on his butt

cried when he first saw tmx elmo from youtube

haay… madami pa kso di ko na maalala yung iba, will make another set na lang.

he looks thin but he’s very active. so active that he might have adhd, wag naman sana.


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