alarm clock

September 7, 2006

johann has been my alarm clock ever since rudney left for the US.  he’ll wake me by saying “mommy” then i’ll respond with “good morning, i love you!”.  after that when he still says mommy i’ll just respond with “uhmm” *~kse naman sleepy pa ako sobra~*

lately, when he wakes up he’ll say “papa jesus, mama meyi, hi niño *~with matching wave pa ng hands nya, and kahit tulog pa ako eh he’ll hold my hand high para mag-wave din ako~*“.  after nun “mommy, *~and sometimes~* daddy”. para syang nag-roll call.  then i’ll greet him with my usual greeting. then he’ll call me again pero this time he’ll be the one to say “uhmm”.  paulit-ulit yun, makulit talaga. manang mana sa ama. 😛


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